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Men’s Magic Fashion Show: What Goes On In Vegas, Stays In Vegas

Who, What, Where?

Feb 14th of 2011 wasn’t only for Valentine’s this season, however for fashion, too-the “Magic” fashion show in the Convention Center in Vegas began from Feb 14th and lasted before the 16th. Fashion shows will always be considered a glamorous event, mostly for ladies. Honestly, the only real men’s fashion shows are stereotypically more for that brands names compared to customers, unless of course you count celebrities. The Typical Joe has no requirement for a way show, right? That is what Magic is here now for

Magical Magic

Magic is worldwide fashion for that largest spectrum of designs, designers, and types of fashion-from jackets to footwear-with an worldwide, industrial level, consider Magic, since it is Magic that host buyers in addition to sellers from around the globe because of not just women’s fashion, but men’s as well as children’s as well. This season in Vegas, the style show involves nine “boutiques” to showcase all fashion to incorporate accessories in addition to apparel: STREET Limitless, FN PLATFORM, PREMIUM, S.L.A.T.E., POOLTRADESHOW, SOURCING, WWDMAGIC, not to mention MENSWEAR.

Vegas 2011

The Vegas 2011 Magic show is intended for everybody, that is essential for men-we men don’t frequently possess a reason, or get the opportunity to possess a reason, to visit an expensive-shmancy fashion show, because, again, it’s frequently for top finish female celebs. The Special Moment show in Vegas this season is targeting a sizable spectrum of favor, and thus companies are asked to come, like textile technology importers and exporters, general outfit manufacturers, embroiderers, and companies revolving around accessories, textile materials, trimmings, and laundries. Remember, everyone-including men-will also be targeted, so fellas, enjoy.

Men’s Fashion

Talk is affordable-may be the worldwide show in Vegas of 2011 really for males? Sure, and here’s some proof-footwear. Within the previews provided to the general public via blogs is really a sneak look in to the approaching shoe collection meant only for men, with brands varying from Puma, a far more Everyman a brand, to Lacoste, a brandname for that more accomplished men with as much extra spending cash being an eye for style.

Footwear were really so long awaited like a theme to men’s fashion the entire first day’s the Vegas fashion show was, you guess it-footwear. Exactly what the 2011 Vegas Magic fashion show demonstrated was two major things-sneaker hybrids are just gaining momentum and therefore are not going anywhere soon, and boots would be the greatest factor because the sneaker itself.

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