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Tips for Mixing Friend Groups at A Party

Some guys hook up their different friends at a party without planning it, and it is always great. Maybe you’ve tried this before, and it didn’t turn out well, these tips can help you.

Not all parties are the same, so are people. While it may not be so hard to get your friends from different worlds to get along at a bar, you might have some trouble if it is a birthday party and you don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Similar events like weddings, graduation ceremonies can pose the same kind of trouble when bringing different groups of friends together. So, the question is how can you ensure that the party runs smoothly with no one hurt of being left out? How do you take the awkwardness out of it?

#1: Play Your Role as A Good Host

Most likely, you’re the only one that knows everyone. So, you’re in the best position to put everyone at ease. These different groups may not have seen each other before, and it will be careless of you to leave them to themselves as this can create a negative atmosphere. So, what you do is breach the gap. A formal introduction is the easiest way to start, and the outspoken ones can take it up from there. If you want to go a step further which you should, help those who you know have things in common meet, now, you have just set the ball rolling.

#2: The Five P’s

You’ve heard them say that ‘proper planning prevents poor performance’ and it is totally true. This should actually be the first thing to do, plan ahead. If you want your friend groups to meet before the event, do so. It could be by an online group conversation or something. If not, part of your planning should be to outline most of the different ways you know those friends of yours can connect and enjoy the best of your party.

#3: Assign Roles to Them for Or at The Event

The idea is to let them know you care about them by letting each of them assist you in a unique way. If it is a big ceremony like a wedding, there are lot of unique roles you can give your different friends such that they feel esteemed.

#4: Be Deliberate About Things That Bring Everyone Together

While you’re trying not to invite people that will ruin the party, you don’t want small colonies of friends to be so obvious at the party. So, prepare activities that encourage people to mingle.

#5: Prepare A Good Place to Make It Happen

If you are using your home, make sure everything is set to make your party worthwhile. From drinks to food, to space, and music selection. All things have to be set for the day. If you don’t have all of these, you can just use a bar you know has everything you need. You can check bar like Mad Hatter Pub if you stay anywhere around Montreal.

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